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Overview, EATG, Europe, Ageing with HIV



This vibrant EATG project looks at three different age bands:


  • the ageing population of those over 50 years of age (with a major focus on those living longer with HIV);

  • people born with HIV and growing up with HIV (childhood and adolescence) and

  • people aged 18 – 45 who have been living with the virus for more than 10 years with a particular focus on key/vulnerable populations;


Each phase has specific goals and expected outcomes that will help drive the scientific, policy and capacity building agenda within EATG and the greater communities of people living with HIV and beyond.



Project Aims


  • To increase knowledge on HIV and Ageing medical and related psychosocial aspects from a lifecycle perspective.

  • To identify and raise awareness regarding unmet care needs for PLHIV/AIDS from a lifecycle perspective.

  • To provide networking opportunities for establishing collaborative efforts to advocate for priorities in the HIV and ageing domain.


Main Activities

  • Three conferences for diverse stakeholders, each focusng on a different age band

  • Series of educational webinars 




  • Training packages will be delivered through educational webinars in preparation for the stakeholder conferences.

  • Resource documents providing the latest research on the medical and psychosocial aspects of ageing with HIV, International guidelines and recommendations, and main initiatives in this domain.

  • Conference reports that contain the main findings concerning the met and unmet needs of PLHIV/AIDS, and the identified advocacy and policy asks. 

  • Written policy recommendations addressing the medical, psychological and social needs of PLHIV/AIDS according to the specific needs identified in each age band.

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