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  • Summary report and recommendations
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  • Addressing research gaps: a report on community priorities regarding research and development (R&D) outcomes of the project
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  • Evaluation report
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While we are crossing the finish line of this three-year long project, we are already building on its legacy. Indeed, the European AIDS Treatment Group is committed to increasing the understanding of the impact of HIV-related, social, psychological, physical and functional well-being factors, as well as to finding ways to address them. In the forthcoming period, we aim to provide opportunities for collaborative efforts with researchers, health professionals, service providers, policy makers, placing an emphasis on community engagement. Drawing on the findings, we will seek collaboration to update and improve the implementation of the standards of care, to further the integration of services where relevant and the use of patient reported outcomes measures (PROMs) in collaboration. We consider the paramount importance of mental health issues and consequently we plan to develop and prioritise work to address them. Furthermore, we will seek to expand treatment and health literacy of people living with HIV. Last but not least, we will continue to advocate measures to reduce stigma and discrimination and other social aspects impacting on quality of life of the diversity of people living with HIV.


In implementing this agenda for action, we very much look forward to continue collaboration with all involved in the Ageing with HIV project and to start collaboration with other actors.

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