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Timeline: December 2015 to May 2016


Objectives and Expected Outcomes


The Main Objectives are:



  • To increase knowledge on – and awareness about - HIV and Ageing related medical and psychosocial related aspects.

  • To Identify and raise awareness regarding unmet care needs for PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+.

  • To empower PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+ to make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

  • To provide networking opportunities for establishing collaborative efforts to advocate for priorities in the HIV geriatric and ageing domain.


The main Expected Outcomes are:



  • Tohave increased awareness within the patients’ community; researchers; healthcare providers and other key stakeholders of the clinical and psychosocial unmet needs of PLHIV aged over 50.

  • To have advocacy needs identified in order to better respond to the varied needs of PLHIV aged 50+ and for early detection and treatment of HIV and co-related infections (testing and counselling within the population aged 50 +).

  • To be able to develop policy recommendations for more appropriate and focused responses on prevention, testing and treatment for PLHIV aged over 50 including older age relate conditions.


Milestones, Deliverables and Activities


The planned Milestones are:



  • A Stakeholders’ meeting focused on:

    • The medical aspects of ageing with HIV – Co-morbidities’ and drug toxicity;

    • Psychosocial aspects of ageing with HIV/AIDS – From psychological aspects to social care;

    • The role of healthcare providers – training needs, access to quality geriatric primary and community care.

    • HIV and co-related infections prevention– testing and counselling for people aged 50+.
      Planned meeting date and location: Germany (Berlin or Frankfurt), February 2016
      Number of Participants: 60-80

  • Three Three thematic webinars focusing the medical and psychosocial aspects of ageing with HIV/AIDS and the unmet needs of PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+.
    Planned dates: November 2015, December 2015 and January 2016

  • The promotion of ageing as important topic for increased research, focus and support via the organisation of events that highlight ageing (seminars during conferences; discussion about the role of cohort studies etc)

The Main Deliverables are:



  • Training Packages which will be delivered through a series of three webinars in preparation of the stakeholders meeting. The training content will concern the latest research on the medical and psychosocial aspects of ageing with HIV/AIDS and the unmet needs of PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+. All the training materials will be made available for future use.

  • A resource document providing the latest research on the medical and psychosocial aspects of ageing with HIV/AIDS, International guidelines and recommendations, and main Initiatives taking place in this domain. It is intended that these documents may be used as a source of information for the development of advocacy activities.

  • Stakeholders’ Meeting Report which would contain the main meeting findings concerning the met and the unmet needs of PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+, and the identified advocacy and policy demands.

  • Written policy recommendations (and eventually a statement from the community) addressing the medical, psychological and social needs of PLHIV/AIDS aged 50+. It is intended that the policy recommendations may be used as contribution to the future development of standards of care for PLHIV in the ageing domain.


The planned Activities are:



  • Appointment of a project leader and a steering committee.

  • Contact partners.

  • Development of a resource document on the latest research regarding ageing with HIV including also the main initiatives taking place in this domain.

  • Preparation of the 1st series of webinars.

  • Preparation of the 1st multi-stakeholders meeting.

  • Development of the 1st multi-stakeholders meeting report

  • Dissemination of the key findings/ 1st multi-stakeholders meeting report

  • Development of Policy Recommendations


Target Groups:


Patients’ community; healthcare providers; researchers and other key stakeholders involved in HIV research, treatment and geriatric care.

People Living with HIV/AIDS aged 50+

Ageing with HIV Phase 1 –
People Living with HIV/AIDS aged 50+

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